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Mr. Hallett was born and raised on a large farm and cattle ranch in northeastern Montana.  In the spring of 1969 he began his venture into “organic gardening” starting with just a small plot of 20’x 20’.  He was thirteen years old then.  

Do to his age and his grandfathers own farming philosophy inter-planted with his concern for Ted's safety, he was not allowed to use any manufactured or synthetic pesticides or commercial fertilizers.  When asked why, he simply would say, “A smart farmer works with Mother Nature not against Her.” or “For every Black Hat there is a White Hat, you just have to find it and put it on the right rack.” or “You can move Mother Natures chess pieces any place on the board, but you can not add pieces and win.” or “Always remember, Mother Nature makes the rules not you.”  He had many more.  Ted's Grandfather’s years of wisdom and success and his desire to teach Ted are where Ted's farming philosophies are founded.

For the last forty years Mr. Hallett has studied the farming practices of the Chinese and French which spans history of over four thousand years.  He has taken many of these techniques; techniques of his own development and state-of-the-art technology to develop his unique Garden Master Growing System and the largest most advanced organic fruit, vegetable and herb farm of its kind.

Mr. Hallett promotes organic gardening and farming in the community.

He gives tours and lectures to local school groups and FFA chapters.  He has formed a local garden club for the purpose of teaching gardeners hands on from scratch how to garden organically.  Mr. Hallett has done educational promotions in stores like Safeway, Whole Foods Market, Farmers Markets, Albertson’s and Bashas’ and Fry’s.

He sat on the founding board for the Arizona Organic Growers Association and worked on the certification standards for the Arizona Legislature.  His commitment to sustainable agriculture is rooted deep for longevity. Mr. Hallett will do all within his power and abilities to continue to support and promote the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Mr. Hallett has always maintained the position that we not only protect our natural resources but we improve upon them.  We must leave them better than we found them.  He has always managed his farms well within the certification standards of the O.C.I.A. from the beginning to the present and will continue to do so into the future. 

He is not a man with a certificate in one hand and a little garden patch in his back yard trying to humor you with basic garden trivia.  He is the real deal!  His livelihood depends on it!  Mr. Hallett practiced what he preached on over thirty acres of organic eco-farm.

Learn more about his farming techniques on this web site and read twice weekly Garden Master Newsletter.  You will be all the richer for it!  Watch for his monthly garden question and answer forum on this site.  Mr.Hallett has built the new family farm.  The Family Farm Of The Future.

Best Garden System In The World!!

The Garden Master Growing System is a complete full circle growing system.  I have spent forty years of research and development to prefect this growing system. This is a system that can be used anywhere in the world for fruit, vegetable, herb and flower gardening success.

You can use this system for any size of garden whether, it be in your home, on your patio, in your flower beds, in your yard, on dollies or just on the ground!  This garden system brings balance to the gardens' microenvironment, soil, pests, plant scheme, and production and most importantly your life.  I have gardened and farmed with this gardening system in 13 different climate zones.

This system brings great gardening advantages to gardeners everywhere.  If you are not having fun with your garden or the garden is working you instead of you working it then you need to stop and learn this unique gardening system.  Once established you will experience more joy, fulfillment and loads more bounty for your efforts with a fraction of your usual garden space and time!

Subscribe to my monthly "GARDEN MASTER NEWSLETTER".  I will take you by the hand step by step through the gardening wonderland of The Garden Master Growing System. Oooh, and not to forget you old garden pros, take a look, because I have something there for you too! 



On September 19, 2000 at 1:15 pm I was struck in the right hand, while repairing a irrigation leak in my garden (22 acres), by a Mojave Green Rattlesnake. After a heated debate with the 911 dispatcher and poison control over the extent of my knowledge regarding alethinophidia and more specifically viperidae or rattlesnakes and their bites, if you will, a chopper arrived and picked me up, at which time I succumbed to unconsciousness, and airvaced me to the hospital.  While unconscious in the ICU and after 25 vials of anti-venom, $60,000 worth, and plans to give me 5 more, I received a blessing that stopped the venom's action in my system!

I woke up two days later to a nightmare!  They had done what is called a fasciotomy on my right hand and arm.  This is a surgical procedure where they make several long open incisions around the hand and arm to relieve pressure from the extensive swelling.  They do this to prevent severe damage to the nerves, tendons and muscles.  Yea, that’s right!  Well, it gets better!  They leave those incisions open with the muscle bulging from the incisions and treat and rewrap it twice a day!  All of this while your arm is about five times its normal size!

Of coarse being the man's man that I am, I passed on the pharmaceuticals and just asked for a stick to bite on!  Yaa, Nooo!  Are you kidding me!  Give me the pills, there aren't enough sticks!!  This began eight months of recovery, which is a whole other story!  Drugs to counteract the venom and drugs to counteract the drugs and then more drugs to counteract those drugs and of course there are the drugs they forgot to give me which caused a whole round of other drugs!!

Well anyway there are a lot of stories to tell that came from this experience that I do not have the time or space here to cover, I am not writing a book!  You will just have to ask when we meet on Saturdays.  Needless to say I didn't die as they told my family I would and I didn't lose my arm or hand as they told my family would be the miraculous best case!  I was spared so that I can torment all of you

These experiences set the stage over the next five years for my education, not for the acquisition of new gifts and talents, but instead for a clear, strong and unshakable understanding for what purpose I was blessed with the gifts and talents I already have.  It is for the purpose of blessing you and your families.

I have an unwavering testimony of the Divinity of gardening and the blessings you and your family’s participation will bring raining down upon your heads.  The blessings will be without measure and will bring balance, true purpose, joy and a unique and powerful closeness to your Creator.  This I promise you in his name.




The Garden Master

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