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The HedgFund Micro Mega Farm

Commercial Production Unit (CPU) Income

The Garden Master Growing System is a stacked high density interplanted organic growing system with 28-30 times the plant density per square foot of that of conventional farms.  This system produces year-round over ten times the revenues per square foot of a conventional farm under my team’s management.  Additionally, because it is not a mono-crop system we are able to design the planting/crop schematic based on the consumer’s daily consumption needs.  What does this mean to grocery stores?  This meant they could receive locally from just one supplier over 60% of their rack as organically grown fruits and vegetables in the volume and variety they needed, at a cost equivalent to conventional grown produce.  60% of their rack (fruit & vegetable display) represented over 90% of their sales.  What did they do with this opportunity?  They replaced both their organic and conventional produce with my organic grown produce and sold it competitively.  What do you suppose were the results?  Their sales increased!  What does this mean to their customers?  It means they can go to one place to buy the varieties of high quality fruits and vegetables they need to eat healthy.  What does it mean to The Hybrid CSA Farm operation and The HedgFund Micro Mega Farm Production Unit participants?  This type of year-round system with vertical integration and diversity means lower per unit production cost, higher per unit net return and most important of all, operational and income security.

A consumer may purchase year-round direct from The HedgeFund Micro Mega Farm, through the farmers market or as a participating Hybrid CSA Farm subscription member, organically grown fruits and vegetables at a cost 20% to 40% less than they can from the grocery store.  Additional, unlike the typical CSA farm, which provides on average 7 types of vegetables in odd amounts that may or may not be grown on their farm, The Hybrid CSA Farms and The HedgeFund Mico Mega Farms will provide on average 20 different fruits and vegetables varieties in a mix that is in proportion to the consumption needs of the consumer year-round!.

The diversity of the crops in the vertical integration of this year-round crop mix, with multiple individual production units, in addition to the monthly renewability of the fruits and vegetables, protects the growing system and the farm production and income from serious adverse nature related losses.

Last year I received approval of my on farm growing system training curriculum as an intern program with the ASU Polytech Agricultural College.  This allows me to choose interns from a group of individuals who have an interest and/or passion for agriculture.  They then participate in my intern program as a part of their college curriculum for university credit.  It is with this program I am teaching, training and coaching candidates we can hire as farm managers for our farms, which will protect all of our interest in the farm in the event that I were to become disabled.  At the conclusion of last semester we hired our first ASU candidate.  I am happy to report that he is doing exceptionally well and will graduate from ASU with a degree in International Agriculture, thanks in part to his internship with The Garden Master Intern Program!

The farm locations are demographically placed in multiple locations to support a population within a 5 mile radius of each location.  Each location consists of a blend of The Hybrid CSA Farm subscription members, The HedgeFund Micro Mega Farm and The Farmer’s Market.  The Hybrid CSA Farm consists of four CSA subscription membership participation levels ranging from $50 to $150 a month.  The membership allows individuals and families, both those experienced and inexperienced in gardening, the opportunity to garden with or without the support and training of the Garden Master and his staff on a month to month basis.  This program is explained in detail on our website, which you can access directly by clicking on the link provided at the end of this document.

My marketing in the beginning and currently, is really quite simple.  I approach a company from the bottom up and the top down.  In other words I build the demand for my product within the management from the bottom up and the top down.  The merchandising and sales of my produce then becomes their idea.  With a unified demand in place I then control the terms.  This is how it worked when I was 14 and marched into the office of the CEO of Safeway for approval to ship into their stores and is how it has worked since, when I placed my produce in Frys and Bashas’.  There are three key components to controlling the terms and they are quality, quantity and range of variety.  The range of variety is the holy grail of marketing power and efficient farming, and is out of reach of the mono-crop farms systems.

The HedgFund Micro Mega Farm is dedicated to supplying a variety of commercial and mail order customers, in addition to the Farmer’s Market, with the same high quality organic fruits and vegetables grown with the same system under the same management.  This company allows qualified individuals and funds the opportunity to participate in the financial rewards of the farm.  The farm consists of multiple Production Units at the rate of 500 Production Units per acre.  Each Production Unit represents the commercial cost of production for a complete year-round all weather production unit identified by a specific and unique permanent number.  A Production Unit does not represent a physical or tangible asset, but it does represent a shared cost of production of the same.  The annual Production Unit cost to the participant is $1,200.  The annul premium paid to the participant per Production Unit is 20% ($240).  The annual Production Unit cost paid by the participant is also returned to the participant on the one year anniversary date.  That is to say, that if a participant purchased 1 Production Unit on January 1st of the current year for $1,200, he/she would receive a premium of $240 in addition to the original cost of the Production Unit of $1,200 for a total payment of $1,440 on the 1 year anniversary date, at which time that Production Unit is closed out.  The participation is annual only and is closed out on the one year anniversary date each year. There are no limits on the number of years an individual or fund may participate.  There are no limits on the number of Production Units an individual or fund may participate in, of the Production Units available at each farm.  That is to say, each farm has a limited number of Production Units available at any given time and this will fluctuate.  Participation may begin at any time of the year based on Production Unit availability. 


With this program we are successfully accomplish the following objectives:

1.  Provide a local easily accessible structured hands-on high production garden learning platform for both beginner and experienced gardeners.

2.  Provide a structured format within which individuals can experience high production gardening without a long term financial and time commitment.  This will provide them the opportunity to build their level of confidence and success necessary to succeed on their own.  This program is month to month so they can exit the program at any time.

3.  Provide a platform that consists of individual gardens in an organized group density, which allows for efficient technical support under the watchful eyes of the Garden Master and his staff to insure individual success.

4.  Provide this platform in a density that efficiently maximizes the direct exposure of the members to the Garden Master’s Garden Clinic training and staff support.

5.  Provide an outlet for the member’s excess produce through the Garden Master’s Farmers Market as a source of income to the members.

6.  Provide an easily accessible source of low cost locally grown all natural high quality fruits and vegetables to the immediate population surrounding The HedgeFund Micro Mega Farms.

7.  Provide a locally grown source of low cost all natural high quality fruits and vegetables for mail order subscriptions, restaurants, municipal kitchens and grocery store chains.

8.  Provide an income vehicle for qualified individuals and funds through Production Unit participation in the The HedgeFund Micro Mega Farms, whose vertical integration and crop diversity maximizes production and income security.

9.  Provides both a short and long term income vehicle for Production Unit participants in The HedgeFund Micro Mega Farms.

10.  Maximizes the efficient and productive use of The Garden Master’s knowledge, experience, talents and time in addition to providing a platform to successfully replicate the same.

Why Use The Garden Master's Bucket Garden Growing System?

You may purchase CPU’s using this link:  Purchase Your CPU's Here

You must open and print the following “CPU PURCHASE AGREEMENT (agreement).  After reviewing the agreement fill it out completely and sign it, then e-mail the agreement to the e-mail address listed at the bottom of the agreement.  The completed and signed agreement must be e-mailed immediately after the purchase of CPU’s with a credit or debit card.   If purchasing with a check or cash the agreement must be both e-mailed and sent with the payment.

There is a 5% clearing fee added to the total credit and debit card CPU purchases amount.  If purchasing CPU’s with a check or cash you must add 10% of the CPU purchase amount to the total CPU purchase amount in your check or cash for the clearing fee.

There is a 30 day CPU Agreement review period begining on the date the CPU payment and the CPU Agreement are received by the Master Farm.  On or before the end of the 30 day review period the Commercial Production Units (CPU) will start.   During the 30 day review period the CPU Purchase Agreement will be reviewed and can be canceled and the purchase amount fully refunded to the Purchaser by The HedgeFund Micro Mega Farms administration.

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