"Growing Family Sustainability One Family at a Time"

Growing Family Sustainability One Garden At A Time

Anywhere In The World

Who would you entrust your investment of time and income to, people who as a hobby gardener experiment in their back yard or a person whose financial survival depends on his sustainable success in the garden?

All other things equal, with who would you entrust your financial investment, with the part time stock trader that trades a little on the side or the stock trader that trades full time successfully for a living?

The Garden Master, the developer of The Bucket Gardens System, is unique in that he has years of experience in the developmentand operation of an Organic High Density Interplanted Growing System on a commercial level for a living.  He has now applied these developed principals to a small sustainable scale for the serious 
gardener.  This is a managed system for family sustainability for day to day consumption, food storage and income.

The gardening industry has been in a flux for years due to the focus on the sale of the dream instead of the building of the reality that provides the dream.  That is to say the focus is on the sale of every product imaginable most of which do not add value for the success of the dream but instead insure its failure.  A matrix of confusion and disillusionment instead of a path of clarity to the end in mind.

The Garden Master with his continuing community garden projects, interactive websites, educational and teaching videos and live blogs, as they come on line, will take the gardener by the hand, both the experienced and the inexperienced, and guide them through the gauntlet of fog, myths, misinformation, product hype and unnecessary products on a path founded on sound science, experience and proven performance and production, with continuing education and support.  He is here to provide that path of clarity to the end in mind, a cost effective and efficient high production gardening success.  The Dream!  The Bucket Gardens!

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